All services are available online.  Video and audio capability are a must.  Partial deposit must be rendered prior to services.



                              *20 minute complimentary consultation


                                  30 Minute Therapy Session: $75


                                  50 Minute Therapy Session: $110

                                  90 Biopsychosocial Assessment: $175


                                  45 Minute Coaching Sessions: $75

                                  60 Minute Coaching Sessions: $100

                                  90 Minute Coaching Sessions: $175

                                  45 Minute Consulting Fee (for any personal services): $100

                                  Parental Training: $80 (for 45 minute sessions)

                                  Family Training: $120 (for 45 minute sessions)

                                  60 Minute Public Speaking Fee: $250

                                  Vision Board Planning:  $100

                                  Group Seminars/Workshops: $250 (for 6 week workshops -                                      per person)

                                  Organizational Consulting Fee (for groups of 3 or more):                                        $500

                                  Personal Enhancement Plan (three months): $750

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    Biweekly Forum
    Online Coaching Session
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Create your own oasis,llc

therapist, consultant, coach, motivational speaker, content creator & author

Supporting individuals through the rough terrains of life resulting in personal transformation and growth

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Jesaira Glover, MA, APC, NCC, CPC

Phone: 470-309-2703


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I am a VOICE. I was born to be a voice to impact many lives utilizing various gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. I am a culmination of all my life’s experiences both good and bad AND yet, I am still evolving.  I am a testament that uncertainties, disappointments/rejection, successes, failures, and calculated risks can all push you towards the true essence of self -love and personal acceptance.  Determination, perseverance, hard work and resilience are key factors to such growth, and I am destined to share what I have with YOU.  I’ve learned to enjoy both the journey AND the destination. 


After a combined sixteen years of extensive background in business, customer service, and performance art, I have decided to utilize my unique skillset and creative ability to transition into the world of psychology, mental health counseling, and behavioral science.  I believe I was born to bridge the gap between creativity and progressive thought in personal wellness to include mental health counseling, coaching, public speaking, and consulting.


I hold a master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP).  Additionally, I am an adjunct professor in a Bachelor of Psychology online program and certified professional life coach.  Directly outside of ATL, I work as a clinical mental health therapist serving children, adolescents, and families at a community mental health counseling agency.  I coach adults through transition and loss of any kind (death, separation, divorce, or career change, etc…)  Finally, I am public speaker and content creator

(A Weekly Dose of Lady J) using the online platform as an opportunity to offer my voice to empower those in the world around us.  Partner with me as a VOICE to help YOU navigate the murky and difficult places of your life.

Live Out Love,