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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My Story

The journey towards emotional healing is a very personal one for me.  Many years ago, I lost a dear loved one and it was the beginning of an emotional process I have never embarked upon in my life.  Navigating the loss, the grief and the transition was lonesome and scary.   My loved one was very dear to me and they taught me how to love but I didn't come to really appreciate the many lessons until they departed this life. As a leader and professional it was difficult to navigate the devastation of such loss.  In addition, as a woman of color, there were many unspoken expectations to heal quickly.  These experiences and unhelpful expectations created a passion within me to hold space for individuals like myself who are often overlooked and forgotten.

The only thing constant is change but often change is HARD to embrace and in the midst of it all, I learned to create my own oasis by tapping into my personal resilience, strength, and hope.   Ultimately, I believe the same for YOU.

Meet Jesaira

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Professional Life Coach


Hi, I'm Jesaira!  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I am a VOICE.  I was born to be a voice to impact many lives utilizing various gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. I am a culmination of all my life’s experiences both good and bad AND yet, I am still evolving.  I am a testament that uncertainties, disappointments/rejection, successes, failures, and calculated risks can all push you towards the true essence of self love and personal acceptance.  Determination, perseverance, hard work and resilience are key factors to such growth, and I am destined to share what I have with YOU.  I’ve learned to enjoy both the journey AND the destination. 


After a combined sixteen years of extensive background in business, customer service, and performance art, I have decided to utilize my unique skillset and creative ability to transition into the world of psychology, mental health counseling, and behavioral science.  I believe I was born to bridge the gap between creativity and progressive thought in personal wellness to include mental health counseling, coaching, public speaking, and consulting.


I hold a master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) and is also pursuant of a doctorate degree.  Additionally, I am an adjunct professor in a Bachelor of Psychology online program and certified professional life coach.  Directly outside of ATL, I work with primarily adults providing tele mental services. I coach adults through transition and loss of any kind (death, separation, divorce, or career change, etc…)  Finally, I am public speaker and content creator (A Weekly Dose of Lady J) using the online platform as an opportunity to offer my voice to empower those in the world around us.  Partner with me as a VOICE to help YOU navigate the murky and difficult places of your life.

Live Out Love,


Create Your Own Oasis, LLC

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