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Therapy versus Coaching - What is the Difference?

Therapy involves the process and journey of emotional healing and tends to be non-directive in nature.  The therapeutic experience is fluid with ebbs and flows.  It can involve reaching back in the past to absolve emotional disturbances that impair your current emotional, relational and day to day functioning.  Talk therapy is one of many ways to accomplish this; central to successful treatment is the relationship between the therapist and you, the client.

Coaching tends to be more goal oriented and is directive.  It is a more linear approach and identifies strategies to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.  Additionally, coaching involves naming the present day barriers associated with failure to ascertain ambitions.  Lastly, the coaching relationship tends to rely upon your willingness to receive guidance to improve your personal and professional performance.  Coaching will unlock your untapped potential and motivate you to accomplish your dreams!

What do they share in common?

The end result is a more improved you with commitment and dedication to self!

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